Oct 04 2017

Best Lightweight Compact Takedown Bow For Hunting

Best Lightweight Compact
Takedown Bow For Hunting

In this review article I will be showing you an age old method for food procurement that is a reliable means to put food on your table in any disaster or survival situation.

In any hunting situation we need good equipment that will make our lives easier, in a survival situation more factors come into play.

You may even have to leave your home to a quieter area, away from potential dangers. In which case the equipment you carry will be vitally important..

However, one limiting factor for all of us would be the amount space we have to carry our equipment.- essentially you could only be taking a rucksack with your most important survival kit.

That in itself, asks the question: "what is the most important equipment to pack for survival ?"

I think that a short term survival situation is relatively easy to pack for, and there are many options to make your life easier for that short while:

Using some dehydrated foods and a good water filter will easily give you a months supply of nutrition with very little space taken up in your rucksack along with you other survival gear.

* What Can You Do For Longer Survival

Or more precisely, if this were the case - What equipment have you packed that will ensure you can hunt for your food and actually feed yourself and your family?

For the smaller game like the rabbit, squirrel or pheasant, I would actually use an air rifle - an air rifle is the ideal tool to dispatch smaller animals any is ideal for this job.
An air rifle offers you a quiet, efficient and accurate means enough to put food on the table each day.

Noise levels with the air rifle are very low, making this a good tool to consider.

* Other Low Key Hunting Equipment

Another very good tool and often overlooked one is the humble slingshot.  A hunting tool that I personally, highly recommend, and well worth keeping in your rucksack.

The slingshot ticks all the survival boxes and there's always an unlimited supply of ammo as well.

For small game and birds a slingshot will have a high success rate, but offer very little moving parts to go wrong, is nice and quiet, and with free ammunition you'll never run out.

Never underestimate this very good means of food procurement.

* Essential Hunting Requirements

Which brings me nicely onto my reason for this article: What other good, compact and lightweight equipment is available for food procurement and hunting in a survival situation?

Essentials pf this tool would be that it has very few moving parts that would cause failure AND but needs to be powerful enough to procure the larger game if required.

This 'other' tool is the Takedown  Bow.  It has been around for centuries, and has proved its worth, but now, for a bow to reach the modern heights of a true hunting and survival bow it must meet with the 8 critical characteristics of design:

* The 8 Critical Characteristics Of Design

1. Effective bow length
2. Overall packaged length
3. Corrosion resistance
4. Durability
5. Positive limb retention
6. Protection of arrows
7. Zero tool or maintenance requirements
8. Truly ambidextrous

These 8 essential characteristics of design elements are what makes a true survival bow.  When you achieve this, you have a  hunters dream that will tick every box for a survival tool that will ensure long life, and a means to procure food in a survival situation.

I have been very fortunate to get my hands on one such hunting tool that efficiently covers all the points above:
The SAS Tactical Survival Bow, with SAS standing for 'Survival Archery Systems'

This bow has been designed in South Africa, and is manufactured in the USA , and as well as being sold worldwide, this compact bow offers one of the best solutions to survival hunting and food procurement.

In the above photos, you can see the SAS bow is 'super compact', and will fold down to just 21"..!

It is also capable of holding upto 5 take-down arrows within the main body riser, and it all fits into a custom made carry case that will fit inside your rucksack.

The carry case itself also double up as an arrow quiver if you want.

The weight?
I am also very impressed with this takedown bow as it comes in at a mere 2.2lb - that's some impressive statistics eh..!

I thought at first that the effort made to get that low weight and under 21" would mean a compromise in other areas.

The actual bow strength being my main concern, as shredding too much weight and making something smaller than usual normally means giving up something along the way.

And that something is usually strength and performance.

But in this case, when I look closely at the SAS Tactical Bow it would appear I have been proved wrong - there's no compromise.

Have a look at the photo, and in particular the limbs and riser detail.

They have impressive manufacture details that, to be honest, I'd like to see on some other bows..!

* Parts Of The SAS Bow

Essentially the SAS Tactical Bow has only 6 moving part:

  • 2x high grade composite limbs - CNC machined and coated
  • 1x aerospace grade T6 aluminium riser - CNC machines and coated
  • 2x retaining pivo​t pins - marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • 1x 16 str​and B50 Dacron string
  • The bow also comes with 1x 'Bear' arrow rest and 2x nylon retaining pin screws, although the bow is safe to use without the pins - but I would always lock them in place just for peace of mind.

    As for the actual bow carrying case, it is very well made and stitched, and works well as a storage and carry pouch for the bow when you have it stored away, as well as a very nice arrow quiver case.

    Moving on to the arrows now:
    The SAS Takedown Bow also comes with three superb arrows, they are the two part 31" aluminium takedown arrows.

    ** Eastern Gamegetter XX75 aluminum arrow made from 7075-T9 alloy, with 4" vanes.

    It is easily possible to put the 3x take-down arrows into the hollow riser body for storage when carrying the bow in it's case.

    This in itself makes the bow such a compact unit, and will protect your arrows when in transit.

    You can fit 5 arrows in, with a push.  There is a specific sequence to fit them in, but they do fit.

    * For the latest prices & availability click here:
    SAS Tactical Bow

    * Video Review & Test

    This is an excellent video review and test of the SAS Survival Bow in action, from the UK Preppers Guide website.

    * Test Conclusions

    The SAS Tactical Survival Bow ticks all the boxes, and as you can see in the video, make an excellent hunting bow.
    The compact, lightweight is a big bonus where space is a concern.
    Definitely a bow to add to any hunters bag..!!