Aug 08 2014

Bushcraft Skills

bushcraft skillsNever underestimate the importance of good, solid Bushcraft Skills to keep you alive when out in the wilderness.

Whenever you decide to venture out into the wild you go through a series a common sense preparation – the last thing you would do is to just up and go, without making any plans.

But sometimes even the best made plans can fail.

For whatever reason, you may find yourself at the mercy of mother nature and having to fend for yourself, with only the skills you posses to keep you alive.

Essentially, that is what fending for yourself is, actually staying alive by living with the land using what nature itself has supplied you with.

Sometimes it is all there, in abundance and readily available for you to survive and thrive, and actually be able to live a comfortable existence – but the key component to living and thriving with nature is your knowledge and ability of bushcraft skills.

Everyone who considers themselves as ‘capable’ in the wilderness will know the Top 10 survival skills needed to stay alive in the wilderness. They are the basis for anyone who spends time outdoors in the wild areas of America.

When do you need these skills.

Nobody goes out into the wild hoping for a disaster to happen! Hoping for something to go wrong and scupper their plans. But things do go wrong – accidents and injury are one of the biggest game stoppers when your miles for anywhere, with noone to help and no satellite signal to enable you to call for help.

Or, maybe a less painful, but still potentially life threatening scenario of losing essential kit – crossing a river and having a rucksack or important item float of downstream….

Or maybe you simply get yourself lost and run out of suppliers for your trip – always be prepared any actually have a backup plan and be equipped to get lost.

All possible, along with hundreds of other ways of rendering you under equipped and without essential survival gear.

There are some items that rank as your Top 10 Survival Items, these are a must and you always carry them with you – there are lesser equipment, but never leave home without those top 10.

Being able to survive and keep yourself alive the wilderness can be made a lot easier by just learning good, solid bushcraft techniques and old fashioned skills – they are not that difficult and you can find out all the information on ‘how to do it’, right here on the internet or from easy to carry bushcraft survival manuals like this excellent series of books shown below, from the renowned survival and bushcraft expert, Richard H Graves.

– but the one key point to remember is you must PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE – honing your bushcraft skills as much as possible before venturing out into the wild.

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Never think you have the skill to survive just because you’ve read about it or seen it done on YouTube.!

Having the ability to remember what you have read is a good skill in itself, however, nothing can substitute for actually practicing that skill.

I cannot stress enough, how important it is to FAIL at doing something – good bushcraft is all about finding out how you have to adapt personally to solve problems out in the wild.

By practicing your new bushcraft skills in your backyard and failing, and then working out the best way for you to make it work, is very, very important – never wait until you’re stuck out in the wilderness and then try to do something…..

“Everything looks easy until you actually try it yourself”

And thats the most accurate description of Bushcraft Skills you will hear.!!