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Oct 04 2017

Best Lightweight Compact Takedown Bow For Hunting

Best Lightweight CompactTakedown Bow For HuntingIn this review article I will be showing you an age old method for food procurement that is a reliable means to put food on your table in any disaster or survival situation. Quick Navigation Best Lightweight CompactTakedown Bow For Hunting* What Can You Do For Longer Survival* Other Low …

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Oct 25 2014

What are the Top Five Basic Skills for Survvial

holding spagmin moss

Top 5 Basic Survival Skills You must learn Basic Survival Skills before going out in the wilderness. Surviving without life’s normal luxuries will test most most people – even a week without power would grind many people to a complete halt. If that were to happen to you how would you survive?   Would you …

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Apr 13 2014

Water Distillation Using the Sun

solar still

Water Distillation Using the Sun Knowing how to purify and clean your water for drinking is an essential skill to have, but before you can consider purifying your water, you need to find that water first. It is very possible that you are not near a river or stream.  In some circumstances you may well …

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Mar 02 2014

10 Essential Items in a Survival Kit

silhouette of man on hill

10 Essential Items in a Survival Kit  If you could only choose 10 essential items to put in your survival kit, what would they be.? Well, the first thing to consider is what type of survival situation are you likely to encounter and plan accordingly. Will it be hot, will it be cold? How long …

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Feb 20 2014

Land Navigation using a compass

lensatic sighting

Wilderness Land Navigation  Hikers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts routinely get lost even though they have a compass and map in their packs. They get lost because they think they know the trail because they have been over it before, but just a few yards off the trail is unknown territory. Once lost people assume …

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Feb 14 2014

Gutting and Prepare Fish

fish gutting

Basic Survival Skills – Gutting and Prepare Fish Before you can eat any fish, you must remove parts that will make you ill first – Gutting and Preparing your fish is the number one step There are several different ways of processing your fish for the grill, some hunters like to remove the head while …

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Feb 14 2014

Basic Survival Skills – Butcher and Prepare an Animal in the Wild

cooking animal over open fire

How to Butcher and Prepare an Animal in the Wild using Survival Skills By now your basic survival skills will be improving to the point where you know you can obtain food in the wild. However, you must know the safe procedures to butcher and prepare the food once you have managed to trap, snare …

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Feb 13 2014

Basic Survival – How to Purify Water for Drinking

drinking contaminated water

Basic Survival – How to Purify Water for Drinking The basic survival skill of knowing how to safely purify water for drinking can literally save your life. You can be fooled into thinking that because your out in the wild, miles away from civilization, that the water from streams and rivers would be safe to drink but this is …

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Feb 11 2014

Basic Survival Skills – How to Signal and Communicate in the Wild

Basic Survival Skills – Signalling and Communication  In a pure survival situation where you actually WANT to be rescued, your signalling and communication skills need would need to be higher up on your list of main survival priorities. In fact, signalling and communication skills would be ranked around number 4 – even before food, as …

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Feb 10 2014

Growing Your Own Food For Survival

selection of vegetables

Basic Survival Skills – Growing Your Own Food For Survival  There are many reasons why you should be growing your own food other than for pure survival and living of the grid. The cost factor is one of the main reasons people will farm a portion of their gardens to produce fresh fruits and vegetables …

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Feb 07 2014

Gill Net and Cast Net Survival Fishing

gill net survival fisshing

Survival Fishing Kit – Gill Net & Cast Net Survival Fishing   The and the are two bits of equipment that are often overlooked in a survival fishing kit. But this method of catching fish requires very little fishing skill or knowledge to actually produce a decent catch of fresh fish for you to eat. These …

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Feb 07 2014

Automatic Fishing Reel

yoyo fishing reel

Survival Fishing Kit – Automatic Fishing Reel    This is my favorite bit of Survival Fishing Kit –  the Yo-Yo Automatic Fishing Reel – it will save you loads of time and will produce fish for your dinner with very little effort These are the five main choices for survival fishing:  Hook and line with a …

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Feb 07 2014

Fishing Kit in a Tin

fish caught on line

Survival Fishing Kit – Fishing Kit in a Tin   There are four main methods of survival fishing, from the most comprehensive, requiring a survival fishing kit to the basics that require you to have no fishing gear at all. In certain circumstances, you will find some methods work better than others, some save you time and some catch …

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Feb 06 2014

Basic Survival – Starting a Fire in the Wild

camp fire image

 Basic Survival – Starting a Fire in the Wild There are many different methods of Starting a Fire in the wild – all are possible if you have enough time and the materials, nut you must have the basic survival knowledge and learn these skills before going out in the wilderness. However, if you do ever …

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Jan 02 2014

How to build a Survival Shelter

survival shelter fern leaves

How to Build a Survival or Emergency Shelter and Set Up Camp  A good survival or emergency shelter is the absolute number one priority for survival in the wilderness – whether you are out in the wilderness for fun or been forced there by natural disasters. If you find yourself lost or you’re stranded or …

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