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Oct 04 2017

Best Lightweight Compact Takedown Bow For Hunting

Best Lightweight CompactTakedown Bow For HuntingIn this review article I will be showing you an age old method for food procurement that is a reliable means to put food on your table in any disaster or survival situation. Quick Navigation Best Lightweight CompactTakedown Bow For Hunting* What Can You Do For Longer Survival* Other Low …

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Sep 13 2016

Hiking And Survival Equipment

old crossbow drawing

Hiking And Survival Equipment For Use In The WildI have found this company offering survival gear at very good prices.Based in China, they manufacture all kinds of gear and they have warehouses in the USA and shipping is free.Well worth a look. SURVIVAL KNIVES SLINGSHOTS STRAIGHT BLADE KNIVES FIRE STARTERS LOCK KNIVES PARACORD BRACELET NON LOCK KNIVES FLASHLIGHT

Aug 11 2015

Urban Survival Kits

Urban Survival Kits Some years back I visited a man who happened to be a survival of a terrible hurricane. I had an interview with him; I got a lot from his experience that I will share with you now. I happened to be leaving town on a vacation with my family that week. I attended …

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Jun 12 2015

Best Value For Money Slingshot

Best Value For Money SlingshotFor anyone looking to start using a slings​​​​​hot there’s a huge choice on the market today.The problem you face is choosing a good enough slingshot that will offer you acceptable quality and accuracy, but at a decent, affordable price, before moving on to more higher spec equipment.With a large choice of …

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Oct 11 2014

How to prepare and How to survive an Epidemic

epidemic girl sneezing

How do you Prepare and Survive an Epidemic  What is an epidemic? For a disease to be classed as an epidemic, new cases of a certain disease within given human population and during a given period, must substantially exceeds what is expected – this will be based on the recent medical experiences. You must not …

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