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Sep 13 2016

Hiking And Survival Equipment

old crossbow drawing

Hiking And Survival Equipment For Use In The WildI have found this company offering survival gear at very good prices.Based in China, they manufacture all kinds of gear and they have warehouses in the USA and shipping is free.Well worth a look. SURVIVAL KNIVES SLINGSHOTS STRAIGHT BLADE KNIVES FIRE STARTERS LOCK KNIVES PARACORD BRACELET NON LOCK KNIVES FLASHLIGHT

Jun 12 2015

Best Value For Money Slingshot

Best Value For Money SlingshotFor anyone looking to start using a slings​​​​​hot there’s a huge choice on the market today.The problem you face is choosing a good enough slingshot that will offer you acceptable quality and accuracy, but at a decent, affordable price, before moving on to more higher spec equipment.With a large choice of …

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Feb 22 2014

The Hunting Slingshot and Slingbow

hunting slingbow

The Hunting Slingshot and Slingbow     The Slingshot as we it them today came about in the late 1800’s when vulcanized rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear. They were not associated with the hunting slingshot we see today – more of an ad hoc, bit of ‘Y’ shaped wood affair really, and usually linked …

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Feb 05 2014

Slingshot Hunting and How to Shoot a Slingshot

woman with slingshot

  Slingshot Hunting and How to Shoot a Slingshot  For some of people, slingshot hunting has been a lifelong process. But for many, knowing how to shoot a slingshot is not quite as easy as it looks.! When you own several slingshots, you find yourself making little changes to suit your personal needs – refinements …

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Feb 03 2014

Slingshots for Hunting – Best Hunting Slingshot Buyers Guide

camo man with slingshot weapon

SLINGSHOTS FOR HUNTINGBest Hunting Slingshot Buyers Guide The humble old slingshot is no longer just a bit of ‘Y’ shaped wood with some old piece of rubber band wrapped around it.The modern hunting slingshot is a precision made piece of survival and hunting equipment that will hold its own against all other survival tools. There are many advantages …

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Feb 01 2014

Slingshot Spares and Accessories

slingshot man in mask

Slingshot Spares and Accessories   When you are using Slingshots for Hunting, there are very few moving parts or things that can go wrong with this hunting tool. Fortunately, that means we only have to carry a few spares when out in the wild to ensure you get the best hunting with your slingshot. An even …

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