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Gill Net and Cast Net Survival Fishing

Survival Fishing Kit – Gill Net & Cast Net Survival Fishing   The and the are two bits of equipment that are often overlooked in a survival fishing kit. But this method of catching fish requires very little fishing skill or knowledge to actually produce a decent catch of fresh fish for you to eat. These …

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Automatic Fishing Reel

Survival Fishing Kit – Automatic Fishing Reel    This is my favorite bit of Survival Fishing Kit –  the Yo-Yo Automatic Fishing Reel – it will save you loads of time and will produce fish for your dinner with very little effort These are the five main choices for survival fishing:  Hook and line with a …

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Fishing Kit in a Tin

Survival Fishing Kit – Fishing Kit in a Tin   There are four main methods of survival fishing, from the most comprehensive, requiring a survival fishing kit to the basics that require you to have no fishing gear at all. In certain circumstances, you will find some methods work better than others, some save you time and some catch …

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