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Sep 13 2016

Hiking And Survival Equipment

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Hiking And Survival Equipment For Use In The WildI have found this company offering survival gear at very good prices.Based in China, they manufacture all kinds of gear and they have warehouses in the USA and shipping is free.Well worth a look. SURVIVAL KNIVES SLINGSHOTS STRAIGHT BLADE KNIVES FIRE STARTERS LOCK KNIVES PARACORD BRACELET NON LOCK KNIVES FLASHLIGHT

Jan 31 2014

Knife Guide and Buyers Comparison Chart

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Best Survival Knife Guide and Reviews  Choosing a knife is an essential part of wilderness survival – good bushcraft relies on a good knife and without one you have reduced your chances of survival ten fold. Choosing the best survival knife to suit your requirement will mean owning several survival and hunting style knives – …

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Jan 31 2014

Choosing the Best Knife

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Choosing the best survival knife In any survival situation, a good knife is undoubtedly the single most important piece of survival gear to have with you – however, choosing the best survival knife can present a few problems. There is a lot of important information that is essential to know in order for you to …

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Jan 31 2014

knife blades, materials and design

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Survival knife blades, materials and design  Knife design: When it comes to survival knives, there’s generally only 5 main design areas to a good survival knife. Full or 3/4 tang blade Serrated or smooth knife edge Blade material Blade point style Handle Sheath Full tang blade –  This type of blade will have the whole …

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