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Choosing the Best Knife

Choosing the best survival knife

a few survival knives

In any survival situation, a good knife is undoubtedly the single most important piece of survival gear to have with you – however, choosing the best survival knife can present a few problems.

There is a lot of important information that is essential to know in order for you to make a good decision and be able to choose the best survival knife for you and your circumstances.?

Size, weight, blade length and blade material are just a few important bits of essential information you must consider before buying a new survival knife.

Try to avoid buying a knife purely because it looks good or it’s a real cool colour or it’s just a big knife so it must be good.!

What is a survival knife used for:

Firstly, you must ask yourself a few questions – namely:

  • where and in what circumstances do you intend to use your knife.,
  • make a list of scenarios that you foresee happening that are personal to yourself and you terrain.
  • If you see a situation where you may well be lost – then your knife must be capable of performing bushcraft skills like hunting and skinning.
  • Will you need to rely on it for personal protection.

If your knife is to be used purely for personal protection and your not interested in bushcraft work, then a good quality fighting/combat knife, like the KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife would be far better choice.

knife cutting wood

Quite often, when choosing the best survival knife, it can mean owning more than just one knife – In fact this is very much normal, wilderness survival practice – having more than just the one knife will ensure you are prepared for the many different situation that can arise out in the wilderness.

Having different knives that perform some task better than others will increase your chances of survival if you find yourself in an unforeseen situation.

Remember, your survival knife is one of your most important, if not, THE MOST IMPORTANT, items in your survival kit or a bug out bag or emergency rucksack.

Knife & Blade sizes: 

Size isn’t definitely NOT everything – A big knife with a long blade will be all well and good for chopping through tree branches and splitting wood, but completely useless for simple hiking and even more useless for skinning an animal or gutting a fish.

And on the other hand, a small bladed knife will be almost impossible to perform ‘tough’ survival tasks like batoning wood and be quite ineffective for any form of general personal protection. – When choosing the best survival knife for yourself, it should always be based on how organized and prepared you are for your particular survival scenario, and also, how you actually perceived the situation and its dangers – you can liken it to doing a risk analysis of the wilderness.

Remember, whatever can go wrong in the wilderness – will go wrong – so make sure your choice of survival knife suits you and your conditions. Just be prepared.

soldier with survival knife

For a full review of essential knife characteristics that you must know before buying a survival knife, see my full article on  Knife Blades, Materials and Design – it is a follow on article from this page.

girl with knife in mouth

Please see my full Survival Knife BUYERS GUIDE comparison chart for a list of some of the very best survival knives – the chart enables you to see what knives rank best for different condition, price, blade length etc.