Feb 03 2014

Crossbow Reviews – Barnett Ghost 350 CRT

Crossbow Reviews – Barnett Ghost 350 CTR 




  • Power Stroke: 12″
  • Energy 116
  • Mass Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Overall Length: 37″
  • Arrow Length: 20″ carbon
  • Velocity: 350
  • Draw weight: 175
  • Arrow length 20″ 


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 The Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package has many 5 star rated crossbow reviews and has got to be one of the very best crossbow for the money available on the market today.

Barnett are a renowned crossbow manufacturer and the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT is the lightest bow they have produced so far.

The light weight is due to Carbon Riser Technology (CRT), and it weighs in at 7.5lbs. – Barnet have removed the front end weight, which means the center of gravity is now at the stock end.  

Again, Barnett have exceeded expectation with the Ghost 350 boasting a five-to-one safety factor.

This gives bow shoulders much greater comfort and is very easier to carry.

This is a high end bow that will shoot at some 350 feet per second – really up there with the big boys with the bolt energy coming in at a massive 116 ft/lbs – more than enough power to drop any sized game – all in a hunting crossbow weighing in at only  7.5 lbs..!


The  Barnett Ghost 350 CRT has Whiplash cams, and an Anti-Dry Fire metal injection molding trigger which provides you with a smooth, quiet, precisely accurate shot.

And ridiculously accurate it is – hitting a 50 yard target with pin point accuracy, every time.

Barnett crossbows are made in the USA and the kit shown here comes as a full package –

  • Complete with three arrows,
  • Quiver,
  • Rope cocking device.

All round,  one of the best crossbows for the money – giving power and performance way beyond it’s price tag – the Barnett Ghost 350 kit is currently selling  at under £525 on Amazon.







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