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Best camping hammock for the wilderness – Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The Best Camping Hammock For The Wilderness

The Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock – A Full Review & Test

It’s pretty much common knowledge that a hammock is by far a more comfortable way to sleep when out in the wilderness – but there have always been a couple of little things that keep your average hiker away from them.

Namely, that crushed up, claustrophobic feeling and also, what happens if there’s no trees around…

I can now say, that fortunately, I have solved both problems and now use the Lawson Camping Hammock, and will follow that up with saying I think it is the best camping hammock for the wilderness – a strong statement, but read on to find out why…..

Made in the Rayleigh, North Carolina, USA since 1997, the Blue Ridge is the only hammock they make – founded by hiking and outdoor ‘addict’, Wes Johnson, it has recieved many rave reviews and 5 star accolades from top hiking and camping magazines.

So, if your looking for a new camping hammock or simple looking to change from a conventional tent, then I highly recommend this first class bit of camping kit.

It’s a no fuss, straightforward set-up that offers more than just sleeping off the ground.

With this hammock you have got all the bases covered and can be assured of having a bug proof, waterproof and comfortable nights sleep whether your out in the open or in the deep forest.

Of course the biggest advantage to any hammock system is the fact that you can hang one between any two supports regardless of the type of ground below or how level that ground is – no clearing away branches and other debris before setting up camp – that is something I particularly like.  

Especially after a long hike – setting up my camp and my sleeping arrangements are relatively effortless now.

Facts About The Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Here’s some facts and figures I particularly like about the Lawson Hammock system:

  1. It’s spacious – and will accommodate someone 6’3″ tall, as well as the bed being 3′ wide
  2. The built in bug net is up higher above your head, supported on arch poles either end.
  3. You can adjust the ‘spreader bar’ tension to suit how flat or saggy you want the bed to be.
  4. The rain cover is a custom fit that goes on in seconds and makes the hammock fully waterproof.
  5. I can comfortably set the hammock up in under 5 minutes.
  6. It’s a compact 22″x6″ in the bag and weighs in at only 4.25lbs
  7. Best of all – it’s also a bivvy tent – I can use it on the ground if necessary.
Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent (Rainfly and Bug Net Included)

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent (Rainfly and Bug Net Included)

List Price: $199.00

Price: $199.00

As you can see, it’s a very good system, offering the best of the best in a ‘no fuss’ way – simple and very effective.

The hammock itself comes as shown in the video with waterproof cover and carry bag, but does not come with any tree straps, although there are plenty of manufacturers and you can add them separately.