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Gill Net and Cast Net Survival Fishing

Survival Fishing Kit – Gill Net & Cast Net Survival Fishing 

 The Gill Net and the Cast Net are two bits of equipment that are often overlooked in a survival fishing kit.

But this method of catching fish requires very little fishing skill or knowledge to actually produce a decent catch of fresh fish for you to eat.

These are the five main choices for survival fishing: 

  1. Hook and line with a hand reel
  2. Automatic reel, line and hook
  3. Gill net & Cast Net 
  4. Spear fishing
  5. Fish trapping

A quick overview of the five choices:

  • Hook and Line fishing will require a survival fishing kit
  • An auto reel will save you lots of time
  • A Gill Net is very light light but can be awkward and time consuming to set up
  • Spear fishing is time consuming and hard to perfect the skill
  • Fish trapping will require you to carry the minimum of equipment

A Survival Gill Net is an excellent way to gather a lot of fish at once, but can only be used in certain situations – ideally a river, where it can form a trapping area across the river itself.

A good survival gill net like the Adventure Series Survival Gill Net shown here on the left, comes with a weighted bottom rope that will allow the Gill Net to sink and settle on the river bed, and also a clever top rope that floats.

There are other uses for a  Survival Gill Net, like using it for animal snares and trapping rabbits, phesants and most other small animals in the wild.

This net measures 12’x4′ and packs into a neat mesh bag.

cast net in action

A  Cast Net is very simular to the Gill Net and can actually be used the same way, stretched across a river – however, you use a Cast Net by throwing the net out into the river and “trawling” for fish.

Most Cast Nets are very heavy duty made due to the amount of use they have to take during the throwing and trawling part of the fishing.

This method takes some practice and is time consuming, but large amounts of fish are able to be caught if you find a good swim of fish in the river or lake.

A decent Cast Net package like the Bait Buster Cast Net shown here on the left, comes complete with all the rope, weights and net, as well as a instructional DVD, showing various throwing techniques – the net itself will open up to 12′ diameter if needed.

  • The main advantages to these two styles of survival fishing nets is their ability to catch a lot of fish in one go and also, they are very compact for there size.
  • The main dis-advantage is their weight – as they use weights to hold down the net

Taking all the pros and cons into account these still offer a good choice of survival fishing kit and are well worth considering adding t o your gear.