Feb 12 2014

How to make a snare to trap animals – A Simple Snare

How to make a snare to trap animals – The Simple Snare simple animal snare

The Simple Snare is exactly what you would expect it to be – the most basic construction of a trap, using minimum equipment and materials.

Knowing how to make a snare to trap animals is relatively easy – In fact a simple snare can be constructed in minutes and is the fastest type of trap to setup – the hardest part is working out the best location for the trap to be set.

Looking for animal runs and paths the animal may take can be quite a challenge sometimes. A simple snare is no more than a wire or rope with a sliding noose on one end, an the other end firmly anchored down to something solid.


It is generally recommended that you use WireTrapping Kitas your simple snare – the wire types will maintains it shape more easily than cord.



 Snare Wire should be between “20 and 24 gauge” with a loose slipknot so the wire tightens quickly and easily once the animal tries to force its shoulders through the snare – the quick and easy way is to use a WireTrapping Kit, like the one on the left – it is purpose made for the job. 

It is also important to try and  size your snares to suit the type animal you expect to trap, otherwise the loop will be either too big or small.

A simple snare may not hold the animal for too long either, so it is advisable to check your traps often, in order to prevent predators from running off with your catch as well.


Always keep in mind the fact that you are competing with other predators in the wild – predators whose skills have been honed for their survival for years.


animal trail


Always try to position your snares along trails leading to and from a water source and along small game runs that lead to and from the animals den.

Most animals will definitely use more than one trail that leads to and from their den – so always look for the, so-called, backdoor trail or ‘bolt hole’ if you discover a den then you want to set snares close each exit and along the trail.



The advantages of using a wire snare is its rigidity and ability to also be flexible enough to close down over the animal squirrel pole snarewhen needed. Because of this, the simple snare can be used in several different locations where other traps will fail.

A good use for the simple snare is the ‘Squirrel Pole Snare’ – as seen on the right – the wire will maintain its shape at an angle along the branch and therefore allow you to place it along typical squirrel run routes where other traps would fail.

Setting several of these almost guarantees successful trapping…





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