Feb 12 2014

How to make a snare to trap animals – The Spring Snare

animal snare - the spring snare

How to make a snare to trap animals.

The Spring Snare


spring snare is one of the more ideal methods of trapping an animal – simply because, once the animal is snared it is then secured out of the reach of any other predators prowling around the trails.

Firstly, the spring snare has to be set up along an animal trail or pathway that the animal takes each day – near to that trail you must find a young, live tree branch that is flexible and able to be bent down to ground level.

To construct a spring snare you will need some equipment:


Ideally, choose a slender sapling that can be bent down to ground level, Then, make the trigger stick with ‘V’ notches as shown in the picture above part A & B:

Part B is longer and is driven into the ground securely.

Next, tie a length of cordage to part B

Pull the sapling down – remember, there must be enough tension for it to spring back up when released. Tie a length of the paracord to the sapling and the other end to the small trigger peg (part A) and then, whilst holding the sapling down, set the trigger peg into the ‘V’ of part B which is firmly driven into the ground.


Finally, make a noose with the remainder of cordage – make sure you use a slipknot so when an animal’s head tries to force its way through the loop it tightens. 

To help the noose maintain its shape, push some slender sticks into the ground and drape the loop over them so the loops’ shape is maintained.

As the animal walks into the snare and through the noose, it will pull the peg (A&B) lose and release the tension on the trigger causing the sapling to spring up with the animal snared.

Do not make your snares too complicated – it is time consuming.

Remember – You must always weigh your efforts against the results when out hunting for food, there is no point in expending 1,000 calories only to net only 500 calories worth of food.

You must learn to set up your traps and snares efficiently – they must be set up in minutes so you can set about searching for other ways to obtain food.


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