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Best Value For Money Slingshot

For anyone looking to start using a slingshot there’s a huge choice on the market today.

The problem you face is choosing a good enough slingshot that will offer you acceptable quality and accuracy, but at a decent, affordable price, before moving on to more higher spec equipment.

With a large choice of slingshots available on the market today, it means the prices are becoming lower than ever for quality produced slingshots – this is a great plus point for anyone looking to buy new, but also looking for value for money.

What we have here is a Camouflage Pattern Stainless Slingshot Special for Competition

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This Camouflaged Slingshot has a fully cast aluminium alloy steel body with nice camouflage design pattern to the handle scales, giving it a good, solid feel at the grip.
The handle scales are ABS plastic, which give this slingshot a good solid feel.

The good thing is, with this slingshot you wont break the bank when you buy it, making this high up on your  ‘value for money’ list for you equipment. 

For anyone looking to start hunting small game with a slingshot, I suggest having a look at this article about ‘how to shoot a slingshot’ – But we all have to start somewhere and you won’t go far wrong here​ for all round build quality and money. Its a good starting level slingshot that has all the feature of a higher end unit.

Remember a slingshot is is capable of firing more than just ball bearings. In fact it’s a very good hunting tool to have with you at all times. It has limited kill ability and should really only be used for small game at quite close range.

A lot of slingshots are able to fire arrows with very good accuracy and at speeds comparable to some bows with a little modification.
Fitting a slingshot with a ‘whisper biscuit’ enables it to be multi functional and are referred to as ‘slingbows’.

You can modify just about any slingshot and if you were looking to do a DIY conversion to a slingbow then buying some top of the range equipment is a bad move – this  Freehawk® Hunting Slingshot represents a very good value for money slingshot that would be idea for both conventional firing and arrow firing.

  • All alloy aluminium castl body
  • Camouflaged ABS handle scales
  • leather ammo pouch
  • Rubber protect finger grips
  • Dual power bands
  • Weight: 79 grams 

A very good all rounder for anyone starting up slingshot hunting. – John Doe Slingshot Practitioner