Jan 28 2014

Knife Review – Gerber Ultimate Pro Knife – Fine Edge

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife – Fine Edge – Knife Review 

The Gerber “Bear Grylls” Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade is the latest knife in the Bear Grylls range – it’s been upgraded from the original Bear Grylls ultimate knife, and these improvements have now taken the, already more than acceptable knife right up there with some of the best knives around.

Every hunting, survival and bushcraft knife is only ever as good as it’s blade and the steel it’s made out of. Gerber have decided to upgrade this knifes blade material and have chosen, the very good 9Cr19MoV high carbon, stainless steel. As well as increasing the overall blade width – this has resulted in the blade having extra toughness with the edge-holding ability increased.


gerber pro full tang viewThey have also changed the Ultimate Pro into a full tang knife, which means this new carbon steel blade completely runs from knife tip to the pommel end with the handle grips either side – you can see the full tang here on the left.

Incidentally, this knife is only available as a fine edge blade – the serrated blade is not made this knife – which, to be honest, I much prefer anyway, I always consider the fine edge a much better and more usable blade anyway.

gerber ultimate pro blade viewThe Ultimate Pro actually comes pretty dam sharp, and straight out of the box there’s no additional sharpening needed.

Mine was sharp enough to shave hairs from my arm..!

I did manage to get it sharper still with some fine honing and a leather finishing belt, but generally, you are getting a nice sharp, quality blade that is capable of holding a good edge.


  • The Pommel. 

gerber ultimate pommel endAlong with the new full tang, the Gerber Ultimate Prohas strengthened up the pommel end of the knife and added a non slip, serrated surface.

This feature definitely makes it a lot better when smashing, battoning, striking and chopping.

It is strong enough to enable you to use as a hammer.


  •  The Handle

The handle section and grip on Gerber Ultimate Pro is nice and comfortable and feel quite solid in your hand.

It is made using TPE Overmold, which is a type of rubbery nylon, and is shaped to fit your hand nicely.  The ‘slab’ handles are either side of the tang and then bolted together making it possible to customise the knife handle if you wanted.

The handle section also has a couple of holes going right through the handle grips and also through the tang which makes this knife perfect for lashing to a branch and forming a spear or being used in trap.


  • The Sheath

gerber knife sheath

One important point to remember here – the Pro Sheath will only fit the Pro Knife


The sheath has also seen upgrades and improvements over the original knife, which have made this sheath more acceptable, however, I can still find faults with the  Ultimate Prosheath – and that is:

The sheath is not suitable for the any MollE system, which is a shame.!

It is a friction stop that uses a couple of raised clips – I am not a great fan of this type of system, but, that said, it does seem to hold the knife quite well – there is also a velcro handle strap which supports the end of the knife – without this the knife would be very insecure. 

The quality of the stitching along all the straps is pretty good quality and is a waterproof rubberised stitching which is very nice and won’t rot when wet.

There are also two belt straps to hold the knife secure when moving about – one top and one on the bottom of the sheath, however, the main, top belt strap needs to be a bit bigger – and if wear a belt larger than 2″ you will have some problems getting it to fit right.


gerber ultimate knife sharpener


Another excellent upgrade that Gerber have added to the Ultimate Pro Sheathis the placing of their knife sharpener onto the front of the sheath.

This positioning now offers a left or right handed person the option to sharpen the knife by just changing around a couple of screws – the sharpener itself is a very practical system that means you can get an edge back onto your knife quickly and easily.

  • Fire Startergerber ferro rod

Typically, the Bear Grylls Ultimate feature an excellent Ferro Rod fire starter, positioned at the front of the sheath – it works very well and does just what a fire starter should do – produce a nice hot, long stream of sparks.


  • Extras
  1. Gerber have also included an essential survival pocket guide which is positioned inside the sheath itself – it’s waterproof and gives some very basic survival information on trapping, signalling etc.
  2. The other added extra is an emergency signalling whistle with lanyard.



  • Overall Length: 10″
  • Blade Length : 4 .8″
  • Weight: l3.7 oz. including the Sheath
  • Steel Type: 9Crl9MoV high carbon stainless steel
  • Handle Material: TPE Overmold
  • Blade – Fine Edge
  • Drop point blade
  • Integrated carbide sharpener
  • Ferro Rod fire starter
  • Emergency lanyard and whistle


For a full look at theBear Grylls Ultimate Pro. Take a look at the video below:.



  • Conclusions

This is definitely a good survival knife – I think you have to try and look beyond all the hype and the TV shows and the big Bear Grylls survival thing, instead, consider the quality of manufacturer – Gerber.

As for the price, I think it’s a good value knife at under £80 from Amazon, all in.

 As a bit of quality survival gear I would say that this knife would hold it own against most other survival knives in its category.


 Thanks for viewing my Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife – Fine Edge – Knife Review.