Feb 24 2014

Parasites and Bacteria in the Wild

 Parasites and Bacteria parasite found in the wild

Personal hygiene means keeping your body clean, and this is the very first line of basic wilderness survival and defence against parasites and bacteria infection, and the best way to ensure you keep these bad guys out of wounds.

Most bacteria found on your hands can easily enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth.

Parasites can also enter the body through the feet and through any open wound, so never walk barefoot through the wild if it can be avoided, because any type of cut or abrasion on the feet will give the parasites a way to enter.

One of the most common ways for parasite, bacteria and other germs to get into your body is by drinking contaminated water. This allows harmful bacteria and parasites an easy route straight into your body, so it is important that you have the means to (see: purify your water source) either by traditional methods of boiling and chemical treatment or the more modern approach of carrying a Filtration Water Bottle, which will filter out any harmful parasites and all the other germs which can cause you to become very ill.

If you have iodine tablets you can also use the tablets and water to make a topical antiseptic to treat cuts, blister and other sores to kill any bacteria surrounding the area.


holding spagmin moss

Sphagnum moss [ also known as natures bandage ] which is easily found in the wild, contains iodine and it can be used as a poultice to treat wounds as well. Wrap the moss in cloth and secure over the wound.

The cloth will absorb the iodine from the moss and transfer it to the area. Salt water will also kill bacteria as well as raw honey.

Of course, the best thing is to carry a small bottle of Iodine Solution with you at all times – this is especially good for small scratches and minor cuts


Parasites typical attach themselves to the intestinal walls

  • To remove them in a survival situation you have to change the environment in the intestines.

Note: The following information regarding the removal of intestinal parasites is for informational purposes only and for your emergency preparedness plan verify all information you come across. It should not be considered medical advice. While the practices described have been taught by militaries around the world you should do your own research before you find yourself in a survival situation and always consult with a medical professional before attempting any method.

1) Take 4 tablespoons of salt in one litre of water – this can help remove parasites from the intestines. * Once mixed, you must consume the entire litre but never repeat this process.

Excessive amounts of saltwater can be fatal unless you have adequate amounts of fresh clean water available to flush the sodium from your body.

2) Eating one or one and a half cigarettes can kill the parasites.

The nicotine that is contained in the cigarettes is a toxin. This toxin can kill or stun the parasites, and they will be released through a bowel movement.

3) Hot peppers make your intestines an uninhabitable place for parasites to live and thrive. * But for them to be an effective method, you would need to have eaten them as a part of your normal diet. Eat the peppers raw or cooked and mix them into other foods. The” Capsaicin” in the peppers is also known to destroy many other types of bad bacteria in the stomach.

Falling ill in the wild is very serious

Ensure you are carrying a  Filtration Water Bottle as a means to preventing contaminated water, as well as a  bottle of Iodine Solution – this is your first line of defense againts parasites and bacteria.

Begin now, by putting together an wilderness “emergency preparedness plan” to ensure you can prevent getting ill.

You will need to have a knowledge of certain ailments as well as knowing how to treat those ailments.

It is very necessary for everyone to conduct their own research – and, most definitely, to ask the right questions of your medical professional.

Do not assume everything what you read on the Internet as fact;

finally: make sure you verify all the information before you find yourself in a survival situation.