Feb 03 2014

Slingshots for Hunting – Best Hunting Slingshot Buyers Guide

Best Hunting Slingshot Buyers Guide

The humble old slingshot is no longer just a bit of ‘Y’ shaped wood with some old piece of rubber band wrapped around it.

The modern hunting slingshot is a precision made piece of survival and hunting equipment that will hold its own against all other survival tools.

man in seaa with slingshot

There are many advantages to using a slingshot over many other hunting hunting weapons and having one with you whilst out in the wilderness is almost essential to ensure survival – especially if all else fails and you stranded for a while.

man in seaa with slingshot

The slingshot dates right back to biblical times, when it was just one piece of leather or some string with a stone placed in the middle and then whirled around your head. At the point of firing, one half of the strap would be released, thus sending the stone to it’s desired target.

The basic slingshot design as we know it today was only made possible with the discovery and introduction of rubber by Charles Goodyear, back in 1839.

By 1877, when the pneumatic tyre was introduced, people found the inner tubes to be the perfect material for slingshot advancement – and so the from humble beginnings, this superb weapon has developed into the formidable hunting weapon we know today.

In this guide I will review the top 10 best hunting slingshots that are suitable for hunting in the wild. They all use the same, obvious, principle, but come in many different shapes and sizes, with additional features that lend themselves as the perfect survival tool.

man in seaa with slingshot

There are four main advantages of a slingshot over all other weapons:

  • size - they are very compact and most fold down to fit in your pocket
  • weight - almost negligible, with most under 1lb
  • ammunition - unlimited supply of stones are always available
  • sound - almost silent in operation

The biggest disadvantages are:

  • Limited impact distance – this is not a long range weapon
  • Low power – lower kinetic energy, thus the kill ability is lower than most weapons
  • Accuracy – this takes a little practice, but only accurate over short distances

Typical metal or wooden framed slingshots - prices under $10

Typical metal or wooden framed slingshots - prices under $40

 Another huge advantage of using slingshots for hunting, is their simplicity of operation and also their ‘low tec’ maintenance.

Spare parts are very cheap and the ammunition can be free if using stones of the ground, although for more accuracy, man made ammo is far better..

But you will need to carry essential spares at all times.

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