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Survival Knife Review – ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade

ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade With Grey Removable Lined Micarta Handles 1095 Carbon Steel 57-Rc

In this review I want to highlight some of the very best points of this great survival / bushcraft / tactical knife.

I like the ESSE-6 knife a lot… It is a mixture of the best points from a full survival knife and a more refined bushcraft knife. It is without doubt a high performance knife and rank high up on my all time favourites.

I do prefer a drop point blade over most others [especially for the added strength], as I feel you can do a larger amount of tasks more easily, along with its 20deg grind angle it makes the more finer skills, like filleting, or feathering wood for kindling, a simple task – these finer bushcraft tasks are then made even easier by the added choil that is nicely ground into the knife blade and gives you a nice feel to the delicate tasks when choking down on the knife.

The blade is 6 1/2″ long with the odd 3/4″ being used for the choil – so its a decent length to make your other jobs, like battoning and chopping, very straightforward.

ESSEE-6 Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 11.75″
  • Cutting Edge Length: 5.75″
  • Overall Blade Length: 6.50″
  • Blade Width: 1.56″ 
  •  .188″ blade thickness
  • 1095 Carbon Steel
  • 55-567 RC 
  •  Removable Linen Micarta Handles 
  • Molded Sheath W/ Clip Plate
  • Weight (Knife Only): 12 Ounces

I also like the thumb grooves on the spine of this knife – not really a major feature, but just gives choking down a nicer, more secure feel.

Handles are made from Micarta and are more than functional and removable, although I have never had to actually remove them – the grip itself is very plainly shaped and works well with your bare hands or with gloves, so no problems there.

Like many other top quality USA manufacturers, you get a lifetime guarantee with the ESEE-6, but you’ll have to be doing something seriously stupid to damage this knife.

It’s a more top end knife, selling at $160 all in from Amazon, but well worth the money – I found it’s one of those knives that, once you own one and use it, you’ll like it and wonder how you ever got along without it..!