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Survival Stove – Bushbox XL test and review

Bushbox XL Survival Stove   

Preparing for any type of wilderness activity require a lot of thought and consideration given to the weight and size of any equipment that requires carrying.

The smaller and more compact equipment normally has the advantage of being lighter, therefor much more ideal to fit in your rucksack.

The down side to this is normally that the actual equipment is a bit on the small size and not really workable in a survival situation.

This really IS NOT  the case when it comes to the Bushbox XL.

In this review I want to show exactly how versatile this survival stove is and how it has become a permanent part of my survival kit.

The actual survival stove I have is the  Bushbox XL combination kit and is the same as the one shown here on the right.

The  Bushbox XL combination kit comes complete with the main survival stove, a universal grate and a really good quality carrying bag. There are a couple of more accessories, but I will cover them later in this article.

  • Background information:

The XL is the bigger brother to the famous Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove ( shown here on the left ) , the pocket stove is also known as the Hobo Stove and is a huge improvement on an already very good piece of survival gear.

The Bushbox ‘HOBO’ Stove is a good stove for one man hiking and solo camping, but the bigger brother is definitely my choice when it comes to wilderness survival equipment.

The  Hobo Stove is about 1/4 the size and therefore extremely compact – small enough to carry in your pocket.!

The Bushbox XL, on the other hand, is bigger and meaner, but still folds down completely flat to the point where you could actually carry it in the map pocket of a pair of combat pants.

 Bushbox XL ( extra large ) combination kit 

When folded down it will fit into the purpose made case along with the universal grate and the two trivet supports and once inside, the whole lots weighs in at under 30 ozs (800grms):

Overall measurements are: 8 1/2″ high x 4″ wide x 1/2″ thick

This size and weight is easily manageable, and I have always found a spare bit of room in my rucksack for it – once unfolded it expands to a very nice usable survival stove.  

The standard Bushbox XL Combination Kit comes complete with:

  • the survival stove,
  • two trivet stands
  • the universal grate
  • carrying case
  • I have included this excellent video review of the Bushbox XL Combination from the UK Preppers Guide – 

The whole unit is manufactured in Germany only and is then shipped over to the US – currently the Bushbox XL Combination Stove is selling on Amazon for under $100 plus the shipping which is around $6 – so not an unreasonable price when you see the quality of the equipment.

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I tested the stove in much the same way as in the video above and found it works very well – everything is contained in one neat, tidy place and I stoked it up with some 3/4″ branches which produces some serious heat and meant it was able to burn away for ages – producing a nice contained camp fire. I think for the quality of steel, fold flat design and precision manufacture, this stove ranks up there at the top as one of the best survival stoves.

Highly recommended