Feb 01 2014

Top 10 Skills – Building a Shelter

Top Ten Survival Skills #1 – Build a Survival Shelter

frog in rain under leafEvery survival scenario is different, however, in almost any survival or emergency situation, that is assuming you are not injured or incapacitated, you WILL need to fend for yourself.

In the wilderness you could be exposed to hypothermia, heat stroke and exposure to the elements can be killers, therefore, having the survival skills to ensure you can build a survival shelter – one that is suitable to protect against the elements and keep you safe, is an essential skill you must learn.



USA – heaven or hell.?.

The U.S.A. has such diverse terrain and weather climate that can make your day to day living a survival task on its own.!

If you already live in a an area that gets very hot or very cold, you generally know how to handle it – it’s a simple case of turning the air con on or cranking the heating up. It’s that simple. But out in the wilderness if completely different – and good survival decisions will mean you increase your survival chances every time.  

Building a shelter

The skills needed to build a survival shelter are not that hard, however, ensuring it is  water tight, warm and cosy can produce a problem.

Once you have the basic knowledge, then the key to building a survival shelter is PRACTICE. So go out and practice. Then practice again until this very essential number 1 survival skill becomes easy for you to do.



  • These style of survival shelter use only the materials that would be found in the woods – if you have absolutely nothing to use for a shelter, then this is you best choice

survival shelter woodsurvival shelter lean toosurvival shelter fern leaves

survival shelter rock








  • Survival shelters using emergency equipment – tarpaulins or ‘tarps’ are a great method of shelter – not necessarily designed this use, but a good method to give you shelter .

survival shelter blur tarp

survival shelter camo tentsurvival shelter camo bivi

survival shelter green tarp








 To be fully prepared for all situations means buying a purpose made emergency survival shelter – these are designed specifically for survival and will save a lot of time in an emergency.

I own one of these as a back up shelter and actually keep it in my truck – you can get these at Amazon for under $10

This one is 8′ long and will hold two people – I think it’s quite a good investment really…


So, do you think you How To Build A Survival Shelter,..?  

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