Feb 01 2014

Top 10 Skills – Finding Food

 Top Ten Wilderness Survival Skills

#2 Finding your Food

frog looking for workThe wilderness, the woodland and even your back garden are potential sources of food for you to eat and survive.

Finding food to eat in the wild is going to involve various methods of hunting, trapping, snaring and fishing – it is the only way to ensure you get the precious nutrition your body needs.


When there’s no convenience store on the corner or you can’t just book a delivery for your pizza you are going to need to know how to fend for yourself.

This means that you MUST LEARN the essential survival skills to ensure you can live off the land, using your own knowledge and skills to ensure you don’t starve.

The main knowledge you must know is how to CATCH, KILL, BUTCHER, COOK & PRESERVE any type of food you can get your hands on – and those skills need to be learned now.

In the wild, finding enough food to sustain your workload, will become your absolute number one daily priority – hunting, trapping and fishing are your best options for short term survival, with learning how to preserve your food coming next, then simply growing your own food as the final hurdle.

This is the main question you need to ask yourself rabbit in rifle crosshairs

Could I kill an animal – a nice fluffy bunny, hopping around all playful and full of life – A dear just grazing, harmlessly in a sunny field..?

  • If the answer is no, then you might as well just shoot yourself, there and then…!  simple as that and, in real wilderness life, as nice as the berries taste and as nice as leaf tea really is, you’re not going to survive for more than a few weeks – starvation will kick in very fast.

Without doubt, once you have constructed a shelter that you can call ‘home’, your next mission is food – have to go on a daily quest to find your food by whatever means you can.

What this means is you’re going to need to know how to use trapping tools and methods along with hunting skills using basic ‘low tec’ methods like a hunting slingshot or, generally just about any other means you can.

Learn how to fish.

Without doubt,  the easiest of method of obtaining your food (and for some, this method is considered most ‘humane’..?) Fish aren’t cuddly and furry like a rabbit is, so it’s a much easier job for some people to just smash them on the head and thats it – all done..

In actual fact, you don’t really have to put that much effort into fishing anyway.

You can get excellent quality automatic fishing reels like the one on the left.

It will sense a fish taking the bait, strike the fish and then reel it in for you while you’re busy doing something else.

A bit of a survival dream in some ways – just keep it simple whenever you can.

here’s a bit more information about these auto reels >  Yo Yo Fishing Reels



Having caught your food, it is most essential to butcher and prepare it. On the spot if possible, but certainly as quick as you can, especially when its hot.

Basic Butchering for food is a skill that needs to learned by actually doing it in the wild.

There are a few butchery skills that are easy, and straightforward – but, butcher an animal incorrectly and you can do yourself a lot of harm – the animal must be prepared properly.


So, do you think you could find your own food in the wild..?