Feb 09 2014

Top 10 Skills – First Aid

 Top Ten Survival Skills #6 Wilderness First Aid 


Assessing your personal medical requirements will require a first aid tent on mountainWilderness First Aid Kit that is suitable for yourself and any other members of your hiking team.

There are a lot of variables to consider, including the risk of potential death if the emergency first aid kit does not contain essential items.

If you are in general good health, and you do not need to take any forms of regular medication or have injections or tablets, you chances of long term survival in the wilderness have just increased by a 1000%…!

What about any existing medical conditions?

It would be very almost impossible for a person who requires ‘life maintaining’ medication to survive any prolonged disaster where medical relief was absent.

If you look further down the scale there are various other types of medical conditions that can easily result in death if they are not administered daily.

Typically, someone with diabetes is one of them – going out into the wild means preparing for all eventualities, therefor, as a diabetic, you would make very sure you had the correct medication in your survival first aid kit.

Wilderness first aid includes a lot of common sense. 

The biggest advice I can give to anyone who is considering going out into the wilderness to try and survive is to gain knowledge about wilderness survival in general – however, when it comes to survival first aid, you cannot be expected to know everything.

Not knowing, when it comes to survival first aid can mean making life or death decisions. The most important bit of survival kit for first aid emergencies is to take a Survival Medicine Handbook with you to ensure you know exactly what to do in any emergency where you cannot get help.

The book here is one of the best, getting 5 star reviews on Amazon and is definitely one of the number one reference book to have with you. Currently selling for around $35 on Amazon it covers all aspect of wilderness first aid.

Injuries and emergency medical conditions.

There are many injuries and immediate medical emergencies that you should have a basic knowledge of treating – along with this basic survival first aid knowledge, you must have a “sensible’ first aid kit with you as well – by ‘sensible’ I mean practical and relevant to wilderness survival.

You can buy ready made, emergency first aid kits and these are mostly perfect for the job. However, you have to aware of size and weight, and, include relevant equipment to the emergencies associated with the wilderness first aid.


There really is no excuse for not being prepared for medical emergencies.

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