Feb 10 2014

Top 10 Skills – Grow Your Own Food

 Top Ten Survival Skills #8 Grow Your Own Food 

Long term subsistence in the wilderness will require learning grow your own food sprouthow to grow your own food in order to supplement the food you catch.

A long term growing plan is essential, as is the knowledge of exactly how to grow your own food in the first place.!

The plan must take into account whether you will be remaining in the same general location for a decent period of time, and by decent I mean a couple of years at least.


If your survival plan means having to move about to avoid detection then it is still possible to start the beginnings of your survival food source with seeds – seeds are both hardy and will also reproduce quite naturally with the very minimum amount of human intervention, leaving you to get on with other things.

These ‘crops’ will develop and can quite easily be left to grow naturally and can even form part of a food ‘cache’ that you can come back to – remember, just about all vegetables and crops will find a way to grow naturally. So, without a great deal of help from yourself they will just get on with it and grow anyway…

Basic farming and growing methods are an essential survival skill to learn.

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Regardless of your skill and knowledge levels about home grown food, you will find that even the very basic methods will produce various types of fruit and vegetables that are more than acceptable to eat.


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