Feb 05 2014

Top 10 Skills – How to find Water

  Top Ten Survival Skills #3 How To Find Water frog drinking with a straw

Being stranded, anywhere, without water can be a life or death situation. In the wilderness it is very important to know how to find water, fast.

Water is absolutely essential for your survival – if you are unable to find any water you will barely last three days – your major organs will begin to shut down and you will not able to think straight.

At that point, it really is only a matter of time before you collapse and die -simple as that.!

Dehydration and water starvation are not good news in the wilderness. A lack of water becomes a very real emergency survival situation.

The problem is compounded by the fact that you can’t just drink any old water that’s lying around – that’s a sure fire way of filling yourself up with bacteria and parasites that cause sickness and diarrhea, which will bring on the dehydration even quicker.

Never try drinking salt water –  you could kill yourself even quicker than stagnant water from a pond..

stagnant pond water

In any wilderness survival situation knowing how to find water is an essential skill you must learn – then with that knowledge, go out and put it into practice.

In theory, you can actually drink just about any old water you want to drink, however, in actual practice there’s a trade off – you have to decide on the risk of drinking unclean water.

Making that choice can mean you’re putting yourself into a life or death situation, that may well be worse than no water at all…. 



  • Even if you do manage to find some water, never just drink it, it has to be made safe and drinkable. 

how to find water - water tablets

It really will become the ultimate catch 22…purifying water by boiling it

Without water you WILL die – if you don’t have the knowledge or survival skills and don’t know how to find water you also WILL die and even if you do find some you must know how to filter and purify it in order to make it safe for drinking. 




Learning how to find water and purify it is an essential survival skills you MUST learn.
So, do you think you get drinking water..?  

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