Feb 05 2014

Top 10 Skills – How to make Fire

man with fire on stick Top Ten Wilderness Survival Skills

# How to make Fire

Learning how to make fire is absolutely essential in any wilderness survival situation – if you cannot make a fire your chances of a longer term survival are substantially decreased.

Fire is natures TV – you need to know several ways to make yourself a fire from basic materials – a fire will provide you with a source of both heat and light, you can cook your food and sterilize water for drinking, it will help to ward off predators and will also help to boost your mora. 


fire ember on woodMaking a fire is quite possible without using any modern tools, but, trust me on this one, it requires a lot of patience and effort on your behalf  – you will not know quite how difficult it can actually be until you try it for yourself.!

Make no mistake – of all the wilderness survival skills, knowing how to make a fire is essential.

The trouble is – it’s also one of the most difficult to master and definitely needs a lot of practice to ensure you can do it.

You must practice this skill until can master it.


So, do you think you create a fire..?  

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