Feb 10 2014

Top 10 Skills – Personal Protection

  Top Ten Survival Skills #7 Personal Protection 


Regardless of the particular survival situation, or frog dressed as a ninjaemergency scenario, there are times when you have to consider your own personal protection and how to defend yourself and your supplies.

By now you have made shelter and have the provisions to live and survive in the wilderness – you can collect and filter your own water and have become proficient at hunting and trapping – but remember you are out in the wilderness and not necessarily top of the food chain.!

You may be managing quite well and living nice and comfortably in your camp, keeping yourself to yourself.

However, If you have no personal protection to ward off, would be intruders, who are hell bent on getting some of your food and supplies – then your just a sitting duck.!

Way before any person or animal comes into your camp you need to be prepared and ready to take action.

Ensuring your own personal protection requires as much of your time and effort as you have put into getting yourself ready in the first place.

Personal protection involves four main disciplines:

  • Personal fitness – you must be at a level of good fitness 
  • Personal fighting skills – acquiring some self defence skills is essential
  • Defensive Weapons training – knowing how to handle a weapons 
  • Situation awareness – setting up a camp for maximum control

*Just a quick note here:

Your personal protection also means that sometimes you need the common sense to just run away from a situation as fast as possible – not every confrontation is do or die…

Personal Fitness

feet running

Right at this very moment –

Can you do 20 push-ups, 20 sit ups, 10 chin ups, 10 dips and run 100yards flat out ..?

If you can’t do the above – then your wilderness survival fitness is at a questionable level.

If you want to give yourself, at least, an even 50/50 chance in any survival confrontation you simply must be fitter, quicker and stronger.

You could look at a simple ‘get fit’ program at your local gym or start a fitness program of your own – of course, one of the simplest and most specific, is to go out into the wild a little at a time – venturing a bit further each time and picking slightly harder routes as your fitness increases.





Personal Fighting Skills                                                                                  

krav maga header


Knowing how to actually defend yourself as well as attack is another essential part of personal protection and an absolute necessity for survival.

You do not need to be a martial arts expert.

However, having only a few martial arts moves will give you the ability to render an attacker useless – if you also consider that learning a martial art will also increase your fitness levels -this gives you a win-win situation.



Defensive Weapons Training 

There are many weapons available for personal protection – but remember – we are talking defense, not hunting and shooting.

If an animal does venture into you camp area, however big or small, your first instinct should be not to kill it, but to find out why it came sniffing around you in the first place.

From there you can work out why the personal protection you have in place has failed.

Of course, if that animal poses a threat to you, then that situation is completely different – and if that animal not only poses a threat to you but is also aggressive, then its a whole new ball game and serious action is needed for your personal protection.

Of course, it depends on the animal, but all animals can be aggressive and will attack as a last resort.

The simplest way in any survival situation is to carry a High Strength Spray Deterrent – using a spray deterrent has many advantages over other methods.

  • Instant release – no need to load
  • Wide spray range – ensuring you hit the target
  • Spray mist is visible – ensures you can track you spray shot
  • One spray or shot blasts – gives you better accuracy if the target is moving
  • will work on all animals – any aggressive animal will be stopped





A spray like the SABRE FRONTIERSMAN Bear Attack Deterrent is the type a spray to carry with you at all times in bear country – it comes with a holster and belt loop for quick action against an attacking bear or other wild animal.

But remember, if you have an animal attack you, ask yourself what YOU DID WRONG.

If you need to use anAttack Deterrent, then you also need to assess your own survival skills and work out why you have got into the situation in the first place.

Most animals will keep well out of your way if you make it clear you’re there – a bear, for instance, will not be startled into charging you if you have been yelling out and clapping and generally making a noise  – more than often they will shy away and leave you alone.



Situation Awareness.

mearcat looking out


This is an age old wilderness skill when it comes to personal protection – many times you can avoid a confrontation by simply being aware of all thats going on around you.

Far too many people ‘just get on with it’, without knowing what’s going on around you.

Remember the rule of 3’s –

  • you can last 3 hours without shelter
  • you can last 3 days without water
  • you can last 3 weeks without food

Well, now it’s time to add  a 4th rule – 

you can last 3 SECONDS by making a bad decision…


Before attempting anything that can effect you survival, always take a minute to think and assess the situation – calm you mind and think straight – make sure you never compromise your personal protection and put you safety first.