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Top Ten Wilderness Skills

Top 10 Skills – Communication and Signalling

Top Ten Survival Skills #10 Signalling & Communication  

You can communicate and signal between two people in the wilderness quite easily in fact, sometimes silent communication and signalling are the best method, especially when stalking game.

In a disaster or survival situation it may be very necessary to operate below the radar, and keep a very low profile to ensure not being disturbed by anyone.

There are several different methods of communication between two people – some covert and some not, but either way having a reliable signalling and communication method must be set up at some point.

Basic signalling is an essential survival skill to learn – as with all survival skills, if you can keep it simple, the better. It is also a good idea to try and reduce the risk of equipment failure, by keeping any equipment you use as simple as possible.

There must be a level of signalling and communication setup before and disaster or survival situation arises – this is something you must learn before you need to actually use it –

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