Oct 25 2014

What are the Top Five Basic Skills for Survvial

Top 5 Basic Survival Skills

You must learn Basic Survival Skills before going out in the wilderness.

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Surviving without life’s normal luxuries will test most most people – even a week without power would grind many people to a complete halt. If that were to happen to you how would you survive?


Would you know what to do to keep yourself and your family alive?
Natural disasters can be even worse and having the survival skills, knowledge and ability to live through these disasters needs to be learned and those skills need to be practiced way before anything actually happens.
newspaper disaster headline In any disaster situation you can always apply the Top 5 Basic Survival Skills and know you are giving yourself a far better chance of staying alive and surviving.

Without knowing these skills your survival chances are greatly reduced – you should never leave your survival to mere trial and error – especially after the event.

What are the Top 5 Basic Survival Skills

To completely understand basic survival skills, it is very important to know what are considered the greatest threats. These are the threats to your life and to your survival in the very first place.


Understanding and knowing about these threats are one of your biggest weapons to helping you maintain a clear head in any survival situation and then being able to overcome them. The top threats to your life – those that will halt you in your tracks, especially if you’re not prepared for them are –

  • Exposure
  • Dehydration
  • Starvation

And, in order that you are able to combat these 3 main threats, you must know the 4 immediate responses to them that will ensure your survival – these are:

  • Shelter
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Food

Remember these chilling facts –man walking in blizard

  1. Extreme weather can kill you in a matter of just 3 minutes –
  2. A lack of water can kill you in 3 days –
  3. No food will kill you in only 3 weeks –

It really is that easy to be caught out. So now it all makes sense, just how important it is to know these top 5 basic survival skills.

These are the top 5 basic survival skills you must know

1. Know how to build a shelter and set up a camp

2. Know how to start a fire using foraged materials

3. Know how to find & filter water

4. Know how to Set Snares & Traps / Fishing / Hunting skills

5. Know how to butcher and prepare an animal / prepare fish


Most people who like to venture out into the wood and the wilderness will already have a basic knowledge of these skills. In fact, you really don’t have to venture to the great outdoors to learn how to do these skills – you could just just go on-line – but without any practice you will never really know if it works or not.

Absolutely nothing beats getting your gear together and actually experiencing the wilderness – going out and practicing these top 5 basic survival skills, is the only way to really learn what its like.

Basic survival skill #1 – Building a survival shelter survival shelter in the woods

* A Survival Shelter is any structure that will protect you from the elements – an overhanging cliff face, a cave, a fallen tree. It doesn’t have to be a palace, it need only be something quite simple as a few logs and twigs propped up against the branch of a tree, a few more branches and then some leaves thrown on top. Throw a few more leaves on the ground and you’re good to go. This will be enough shelter for you to keep the rain or wind or snow from settling on you.

Basic survival skill #2 – Start a fire

ferro rod starting a fire* Learn how to Start a fire – do this as soon as possible after you have built your shelter. A fire is like the Feng Shui of survival – you can get some very good Fire Starter or ferro rod that make it very easy to start a fire. Quite a few survival knives also come with a built in fire starter that’s ideal for helping you to get a fire started. Find as much dry wood as you can and store under your new shelter – stock your fire up and you can sterilize water for drinking, dry clothes and cook your food now.



Basic survival skill #3 – Collect waterwater filter life straw

* Set out to collect some water – if you’re prepared for disaster, the you would already have a decent water filter like the LIFESAVER Water Bottle at your disposal. At the very least a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, that way you can always get a drink straight from any water source. If not prepared, then you must learn how to distil water using the the sun and the other various survival methods.


Basic survival skill #4 – Hunting & Trapping for food

slingshot*You must know the basic principles of setting snares and traps and how to begin a campaign of hunting for your own food – ideally, carry a few automatic fishing reels to save time when out looking for food. Learn about tracking and how to set humane kill traps – ensure you have the knowledge to ensure you can catch your own food. Learn how to use a ‘low tech’ weapon designed more for silent killing – a good hunting slingshot will always work, but you must have used one and practiced your skills beforehand.



Basic survival skill #5 – Butchering & Preparing Food knife gutting fish

* being able to just got out, with confidence, and get yourself some nice fresh food is only half the survival story – You must learn how to prepare and butcher your potential dinner. Learning the techniques required for successful skinning and gutting as well as the necessary bushcraft skills to enable you to preserving your own food, must be learned and practiced. Especially in a long term survival situation – Surviving in the wilderness can be as easy or as difficult as you decide to make it. Of course, it allways comes down to being prepared – it is essential to learn these basic survival skills. Become a good survivor by learning the basic survival skills needed to survive the wilderness, and then go out and practice those skills – you can even practice some these in your garden!