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What is Bushcraft Camping

What Exactly is Bushcraft Camping?

bushcraft camping

It’s kind of a strange term – as both bushcraft and the skills associated with it, and camping, are really quite different – but in terms of wilderness survival they actually gel together surprisingly well…

You could almost call it survival camping or primitive camping – either term will do – but it basically means surviving by means of minimalistic ‘non man made’ equipment. i.e: no super efficient, instant pop up, light weight tent, with your dehydrated, high protein meals and instant cooking stove.!

Bushcraft camping is basic, no frills camping.

Venturing out into the wilds with minimal equipment and allowing mother nature to provide and relying on your very own bushcraft skills to see you through.

Modern camping in the wilds has gotten very easy. There is so much equipment to help any would be hiker and explorer. But going back to basics is a whole new ball game – and a lot more difficult than you think – don’t be fooled by the TV programs that make it look exciting and glamorous – it can be uncomfortable at best and quite dangerous at it’s worse, and is certainly not for the faint hearted.!

In essence it means living with the land using what the land has to offer in order to survive.

Of course we try to make this as easy as we can by, at least, having some man made “essential” survival gear with us – venturing out into the wilderness without any survival equipment would be very foolish indeed.

But, you MUST know by the top 10 wilderness survival skills in order to stay safe and survive with minimal kit. You MUST carry basic rescue equipment that will enable you to contact help if you need it – to ignore these simple requirements with modern equipment is quite daft really – why put yourself at risk intentionally.

Even the TV survival personalities who do the big survival shows, which are highly edited, always have a back up crew, with trained medics and satellite communication phones and local experts – although that is played down and the show made to look as if it really is life or death.

So Bushcraft Camping is really about making your way from A to B and surviving along the way.

bushcraf camping shelter
bow drill fire ember

Building a shelter from whatever mother nature provides, whether it’s for a night, a week or longer. But using basic bushcraft skills and materials found and foraged.

Making fire to purify your drinking and cooking water from basic materials – this could be done by dozens of different methods but learning how to make fire is bushcraft at its most basic level – again, not an easy skill to master, but essential for minimal living.

Knowing how to find water and collecting water sounds easy – how about trying it without a bottle or cup or any man made container – learning how to use and adapt nature is another wild camping skill you must learn.

Procuring your own food is no where as easy as it’s made out to be – and the less equipment you carry the more difficult it becomes – just another area that is covered within Bushcraft Camping.