Feb 07 2014

Automatic Fishing Reel

Survival Fishing Kit – Automatic Fishing Reel  fishing reel from amazon yoyo 

This is my favorite bit of Survival Fishing Kit –  the Yo-Yo Automatic Fishing Reel – it will save you loads of time and will produce fish for your dinner with very little effort

These are the five main choices for survival fishing: 

  1. Hook and line with a hand reel
  2. Automatic reel, line and hook
  3. Gill Net & Cast Net Fishing
  4. Spear fishing
  5. Fish trapping

A quick overview of the five choices:

  • Hook and Line fishing will require a survival fishing kit
  • An auto reel will save you lots of time
  • A Gill Net is very light light but can be awkward and time consuming to set up
  • Spear fishing is time consuming and hard to perfect the skill
  • Fish trapping will require you to carry the minimum of equipment

Survival Fishing using an Automatic Fishing Reel

 boring fishingOne of the biggest disadvantages to fishing is the amount of time it can take to catch a fish – sometimes it can be a painstakingly long time – just waiting around for the right moment to strike the line.

In a survival situation this is not good. You must be productive to ensure all your survival needs are met, and getting food is one of the main ones.

Although fishing with a hook and line setup will work, I like to be doing other things while waiting for my food.!


I really do like this bit of survival fishing kit, the Automatic Fishing Reel. yoyo fishing reel

Made entirely in the USA, these reels are known as Yo Yo Fishing Reels and are a completely automatic way of catching fish.

In this is the close up of the Yo-Yo Reel you can see how compact and robust the whole reel is.

They are a metal unit with a stainless steel spring that provides the tension to catch the fish and come complete with 9′ of braided nylon line, which is a hefty 60lbs breaking strength.

These make perfect survival fishing kit, as they can be set and left – in fact you can set up a whole load of them along the river bank, then just leave them to catch the fish for you.

Once these Yo-Yo automatic fishing reels are set will strike the line and slowly reel the fish into the bank for you to collect when your ready.

Remember, this is wilderness survival fishing, not pleasure fishing for a hobby – the main purpose is to catch fish for food – and these fishing kits do just that job.

I have never failed to catch fish with one of these Yo-Yo’s and will set several at once to increase the odds even more.


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Price Disclaimer
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